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Yassin Mohamed

Officer-Involved Shooting/Evans Memorial Hospital

Yassin Mohamed was shot and killed in Evans County in May 2020 after throwing rocks at a deputy. The public would later learn that Mohamed was in the midst of a mental health crisis. While medical staff at a local hospital examined him earlier in the day, he was released against the pleas of a deputy who brought him in for evaluation.


During the course of the investigation, GBI Agents Barry Thompson, Christian Johnson, Tracy Sands, and Trevin Goodman spoke with a number of individuals, including:

  • witnesses who encountered Mohamed in the days before his death
  • the paramedic who responded to the officer-involved shooting
  • other responding deputies
  • deputies and officers who encountered Mohamed earlier in the day
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Some organizations, such as the Council on American–Islamic Relations, refused to acknowledge the findings. A CAIR representative told Al Jazeera:

“If Mr. Mohamed was indeed in the midst of a mental health crisis”, Khwaja said, referencing law enforcement sending Mohamed to the hospital for evaluation during one encounter, “it’s unconscionable that law enforcement did not place him … under a wellness hold until they were able to transfer him for treatment.” The statement did not take into account that Mohamed was taken to the hospital.

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